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Mechanical, Electrical and Construction solutions for the public & private sectors.


Integrated specialist services, combining expertise and efficiency to deliver customized solutions for your unique needs.
Integrated specialist services
We bring together a range of specialties to deliver complete, customized solutions for your unique needs
Experienced design services
Our highly skilled team offers innovative and customized solutions, tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements
Suppliers for leading manufacturers
We carefully select our suppliers to ensure that you receive the best materials and equipment available on the market
Comprehensive documentation
Our detailed and organized records provide a clear picture of your project's design, implementation, and maintenance
Complete turnkey solutions
Get everything you need with our complete turnkey solutions. From start to finish, we handle every aspect of your project.
About Us

Affordable Excellence in Budget Solutions

At METS was established in 2003 to supply Mechanical & Electrical infrastructure works services to the private and public sectors

A woman in business attire is standing in an office, holding a tablet in her hands. She is looking down at the tablet screen with a focused expression, as if reading or analyzing data. The woman is standing next to a desk with a laptop and a few papers on it, suggesting that she is in a professional work environment. The office is bright and modern, with large windows and clean lines. The woman's posture and attire suggest professionalism and competence, and the overall impression is one of productivity and technology in the workplace.
A man is shown carrying a large brick, which appears to be heavy and cumbersome. He is walking down a pathway, with other buildings visible in the background. The man is wearing work clothes and a hard hat, suggesting that he is a construction worker or involved in building services. The brick he is carrying may be used for construction or repair work, and his posture suggests that he is strong and capable. The overall impression is one of manual labor and skilled workmanship in the field of building and construction services.

Building Services

METs, a Plymouth-based company, that operates as a Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (ME&P) contractor, undertaking projects primarily in the South West of England.

Data Centers

Data Centers

METS are a true electrical and Mechanical design and installation firm, specialising in infrastructure builds for Data Centers; Hyperscale, colocation and Enterprise.

A woman wearing glasses stands in front of a row of large data center servers. She is looking intently at the screens in front of her, which display complex data and visualizations. The data center is a sleek and modern facility, with rows of servers neatly stacked and connected by cables. The woman appears focused and knowledgeable, suggesting that she is an expert in the field of data management and analysis. The overall impression is one of efficiency, precision, and cutting-edge technology.
A man and a woman are standing in a workshop, both wearing high-visibility jackets and protective headgear. They are looking at a piece of hardware on a workbench and consulting a checklist board, which is mounted on the wall behind them. The board contains various tasks and notes related to the hardware, suggesting that they are performing an inspection or maintenance procedure. The workshop is well-lit and organized, with various tools and equipment visible in the background. The man and woman appear focused and competent, suggesting that they are experienced professionals in the field of industrial maintenance and repair. The overall impression is one of attention to detail, safety, and precision work in a workshop environment.

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METS delivers, turnkey solutions to businesses and organisations across the UK. We are committed to delivering high quality services along with reliability and attention to the parameters of the budget.


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Mechanical, Electrical and Construction solutions for the public & private sectors.